Gabby Samaniego


Techniques I Use: Deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy and prenatal massage.

About My Practice: My background is quite diverse; experience working in high end day spas, five star resorts, small holistic wellness centers as well as chiropractic /physical therapy clinics. I’m delighted to be able to offer an array of modalities. My goal is to plan my patients sessions and treatments to maximize their results, provide them with pain relief, and manage their care plan.

About Me: I’m a local (from the South Bay) that has lived and worked in North County for almost a decade. I studied massage therapy at Body Mind College of Holistic Health in northern San Diego and International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in Kearny Mesa. In my free time I go to Baja to visit family and friends, eat and shop. I wish to travel more in the future. I was fortunate to visit Egypt twice.


Joanne Arboleda


Techniques I Use: Deep Tissue Sculpting, Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Cupping Therapy, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Circulatory, Lymphatic Drainage

About My Practice: My mission is to effectively relieve pain and tension with a gentle hand. I do not not equate pressure with effectiveness,  not to say that I do not apply deeper or heavier pressure. Over the years I have worked with a wide range of bodies and in treatment settings. Each session is always a customized blend to address each individuals’ needs and goals.

About Me: I have loved and practiced Massage Therapy since 2008 and am a proud graduate of IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork). Prior to IPSB, I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Kinesiology.  Outside of massage, I enjoy crocheting/ knitting and smothering my dog.

Elliot Benedict-Philipp

Elliot Benedict-Philipp


Techniques I Use: Deep Tissue, Tui Na, Assisted Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, Sport Specific/Muscle Specific Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Stretch Therapy

About My Practice: As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I see it as my obligation to help motivate and inspire my clients to be the best versions of themselves through bodywork, fitness, nutrition, and respect. I bring a balance of western and eastern philosophies to my work.

About Me: I have a BS in Kinesiology from San Diego State. I played soccer through college, and have competed as a natural body builder. I enjoy being in nature, and as a native San Diegan, the beach is my favorite place to relax.

Michael Gonzalez


Techniques I Use: Structural integration with deep tissue. Incorporating neuromuscular techniques along with cupping and IASTM.

About My Practice: My practice is driven by my desire to help. As a former high school and college athlete, football and track and field, I spent a decent amount of time get work done by PTs. It was the work of these talented individuals that allowed me to do what I loved to do athletically.

During a session with me usually starts with a good intake. Which allows me to understand your needs and goals for the session. I prefer to look at the body as a whole. Trying to find the why to your pain or discomfort. During the session you can expect muscle testing, some scraping, cupping. Some or all may incorporated into your session.

About Me: I enjoy playing golf, going on hikes, discovering new restaurants, trail runs, and a good board or card game with friends.

Michelle Boller


Techinques I Use: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Trigger Point, and Pre-natal massage.

About My Practice: I want to help my clients succeed in alleviating their aches and pains and at feeling at home in their bodies. I’m passionate about bodywork and I bring 17 years of massage experience to the table.

About Me: I’m originally from New York, so I spend as much time as possible enjoying the beach. I’m also a lover of any kind of exercise that gets me outside, an avid reader, and a cat shelter volunteer.

Mike Saunders


Techinques I Use:Active and Passive Engagement Techniques, Stretch Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Positional Release Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue.

About My Practice: I am a tool that can be used to help your body reach harmony within, and I’m honored your investing time to read my bio. As a tool, I utilize specialized comprehensive assessment techniques, which help to navigate which type of treatment plan works best for you. In my practice, it is about progression not perfection. Becoming a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I believe that education brings awareness, and this is especially important and pivotal in one’s own healing process. As a Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Therapist, I have a range of modalities that can help release tension and promote long lasting results.

About Me: I am called to do this work. I absolutely love it and it shows. I am originally from Wyoming and I love the outdoors. Anything that has to do with outside count me in; hiking, boogie boarding, snorkeling, exercising, watching the sunset, etc. I enjoy being around new people and experiencing what life has to offer. Being around my daughter brings so much joy into my life and enjoy doing those activities with her.

Nikki Krause Pettai


Techniques I Use:Deep Tissue Manipulations, Trigger Point Therapy Massage, Sports Massage / Advanced Circulatory, Pregnancy Massage, Tui-Na, Somatics, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Reiki I and II, Ayurvedic Massage-Abianga Tradition, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Structural Alignment, NueroMuscular Therapy, Chair Massage, Traditional Oriental Healing, and Shiatsu.

About My Practice: As an athlete myself, I prefer to work with athletes and individuals that want to continue to live at their full potential. I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for 13 years, and love the power of healing and recovery that massage can provide.

About Me: I hale from the sandy shores of San Clemente and Mission Viejo, in Southern California. I have been an avid yoga practitioner for 20 years and yoga teacher for 11 years. I love to trail run, travel, dance, organic farm and vegan food prep. I am also an events DJ and is still learning drumming and guitar. I will be apply to nursing school soon. When I have any extra free time I would love to surf more, and spend time with my husband, family and friends.

Adam Perez


Techniques I Use: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, therapeutic deep tissue, and sports massage.

About My Practice: With a background in physical therapy I enjoy injury rehab and working with individuals who are invested in their health and well being.

About Me: Born and raised here in San Diego. I enjoy being around the ocean, surfing, and fishing.