spring-creepin-in-Just as nature is engaging in the upward, expansive motion of growth and change, Spring is the season for us to do the same.

We are a part of the natural world and cycles and processes around us.  It is a great time of year to take advantage of the natural kick-start Mother Nature provides by using that helpful energy to piggyback our own metamorphoses.  Just as the body is a microcosm of our world, there are acupuncture points that help with each seasonal transition.  It’s a great time to begin or come back in for wellness and balancing to make the most of the new season. It would be a pleasure to support you in your endeavors!

Below are some of the activities that this season can help support you with:

1.  Its an ideal time of year to do some spring cleaning not only of our physical environment but also our mental, physical and social health.  Perhaps this means engaging in a new workout routine, go on a cleanse or take inventory of the relationships that no longer serve your highest potential and lovingly detach from them.

2.  If you’ve been meaning to cut down or eliminate coffee, nicotine, alcohol or other substances then you will have an extra hand in this often challenging process.

3.  If you’ve been procrastinating a project or task, Spring is the time to take advantage of the extra boost you will get from the environment.  Harness the expansive universal energy around you!


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