Hello amazing people;)

Chiropractique is excited to share a little pillow talk with you.

That’s right, we now offer custom-fitted pillows via Pillowise!

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Pillowise uses a unique algorithm to calculate your perfect pillow based on the measurements of your body, your preferred sleeping position, and the firmness of your mattress. Each pillow is made of 100% Dutch memory foam, is hypoallergenic, and provides amazing support for your head, neck, and shoulders, all while staying cool.

Take it from Dr Paul, “I have never had a strong recommendation for a pillow when my patients ask for one, because I have never really experienced a pillow that made a difference for me. Until now. As a chiropractor, we put an incredible amount of stress into our shoulders adjusting people all day, and I often find myself rolling over at night again and again because the side-sleeping position was compressing my shoulder joints. The first night I took home a Pillowise pillow, I was not expecting to notice a significant difference. But wow! When I woke up, I was shocked at how much better my shoulders felt by the added support. It was also the perfect amount of pillow for my head and neck while sleeping on my back. I am super excited to have found a pillow I can stand behind and recommend to my patients.”

Getting fitted for your pillow is simple. One of providers can take measurements and run the algorithm in under a minute. If we have your size in stock, you can take it home with you, or if we need to order it, it will arrive in 3-5 business days. Each Pillowise pillow comes with a 30 day
guarantee in which you can send the product back to the manufacturer for a different size or a full refund.

Pillow problems – solved!