Personal Injury



Being in an accident, whether auto or otherwise, can be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally. Many times people don’t know what type of provider to see or where to go to address their symptoms after an accident, nor do they have a lot of disposable income to put towards their medical costs.

Chiropractique offers “Personal Injury” care that allows you to receive a full treatment plan of services while paying little or nothing out of pocket. We can provide chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage, as well as order x rays, MRIs, or refer you to other excellent doctors or to help co-manage care. We also work with some great local attorneys if you need a referral.

If you have experienced an accident and would like a consultation and/or treatment, schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors, who will review your case and help recommend the best treatment options possible.

Getting Started

In order to begin receiving treatment without paying out of pocket we have to verify your claim with an insurance company or an attorney. Once all 3 parties are in communication and in agreement, you can begin receiving treatment without having to pay out of pocket.


If you already have an attorney, please have him or her call our office and speak to one of our personal injury billers and we can discuss getting started with your first visit without paying anything out of pocket.

If an auto insurance company will be paying for care we will have you provide that information on your first visit and sign some paperwork. We will call the insurance company to verify the claim and payment arrangement. You will have to pay normal out of pocket prices for treatment until we can make that verification, but you will be reimbursed those fees once your case settles.

If you are unsure of your options, or don’t know if you need an attorney or not, we would be more than happy to listen to your situation and let you know what most people in similar places wind up doing. We can begin care with you paying out of pocket, then switch to billing the Personal Injury claim once we have it established. You will be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses once your case settles.

To set up an appointment online click Book Now > choose CHIROPRACTIC > select NEW PATIENT and complete your appointment.

To set up an appoint over the phone or speak to someone, call (619) 269-9909.


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Why Chiropractique?

Quality Care

Our team of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists provide patients with exactly the type of care they need. From the acute pain phase, to physical rehabilitation, to returning to previous quality of life, we will guide your clients each step of the way.

We are happy to order imaging with a lien-based facility when necessary, and we always work well in co-managed care with outside medical doctors and physical therapists.

Patient Convenience

Between our 2 locations we are open 7 days per week and have hours as early as 8am and as late as 9pm. We have Spanish speaking chiropractors in both locations. We also offer online scheduling.

Experienced Staff

Our chiropractors are proficient in creating and maintaining comprehensive care plans with frequent evidence-based reevaluations that utilize all of our services. Our electronic healthcare records and billing are easy to follow. Our dedicated billing staff is experienced and easy to get a hold of, whether by phone or email.

Team-based Approach

A great med-legal team always has the patient’s best interest at heart. At the time of settlement we are happy to have open and translucent conversations about the big picture and consider circumstances for fair and proportionate reductions.

To have management accept verification that your client has retained your services, please call during normal business hours 9-5 M-F.

To set your client up with Chiropractique, please call 619-269-9909.



"As one of the busiest personal injury firms in San Diego, it is so important that we have relationships with quality providers that can take care of our client's medical needs. We feel very lucky to be able to work with the team of professionals at Chiropractique. Just like everything, there are good and bad chiropractors, and Chiropractique is at the top of our A list. Highly recommend!!"

– Attorney Dan Fulkerson. Batta I Fulkerson


"I have had the privilege of representing many patients of Chiropractique over the years. Without exception, every single one of them has been extremely satisfied with the top-notch care they have received. In addition, because the doctors are familiar with what the legal system requires from the standpoint of documentation, patient records are exceptional and very helpful when it comes to telling the story of the harm and seeking justice for an injury-producing experience."

– Attorney Jedd E. Bogage