January 13, 2019


To Our Patients, Friends, and Families,

Beginning January 21st Chiropractique will be consolidating our practices into one location at the Mission Hills office.

Rest assured that all of your favorite providers from both locations will still be available at their same current schedules!

2018 was a transition period for many clients, families, and people as a collective. This sentiment touched Chiropractique as some of our favorite providers tackled new projects and adventures. Dr Beau Casey and his husband relocated to Pennsylvania to pursue some exciting new career paths. Dr Jon Diaz opened a private practice to support his growing family. Dr. Jeremy Bonsol relocated to Los Angeles after his husband was given a promotion and relocation opportunity. Riley Smith, our long-term acupuncturist, returned to school to pursue a doctorate.

One of the reasons that Chiropractique has been so loved over the years is that we are committed to hiring the best. We are happy with our team right now, and rather than rush the hiring process to fill the void, we are consolidating all of our team members into one location.

We will be retaining the North Park office but suspending staffing that clinic until the right time presents itself. This will also allow us the opportunity to hold health talks, wellness-based workshops, and events in the North Park location.

If you are a regular at North Park, we are excited to introduce you to our Mission Hills office, which is in a wonderful location in central Mission Hills and is a larger space with more treatment rooms.

If you are a regular at Mission Hills we are excited to introduce you to some of our North Park providers and give you increased availability to schedule with our whole team.

Above all else, thank all of you that walk through our doors every day. We get to be a part of so many amazing lives and see them change for the better. Being able to serve such a fun and vibrant practice base makes it a pleasure to come to work every day, and we look forward to continuing to do just that.

Best Regards,

Dr Paul Peterson DC