To the 92104 and Beyond,

The Chiropractique family is excited to announce that our North Park office will resume services on Tuesday July 9th! We are assembling a great team of providers and staff for you and have some great new additions to the practice.

If it has been over a year since your last visit, North Park has gone through a beautiful remodel with a new light therapy wall and additional foliage. We have added online scheduling capabilities so you can make an appointment on your phone or browser. The check in process is quicker, the tea is still bomb, and the massage chairs just keep getting better! We have added new products and services for you including a custom orthotics station, cold laser therapy, and cleanse/detox supplements.

Additionally, North Park will wake up a bit earlier, with standard business hours from 8am to 8pm!

Dr Paul will be taking patients exclusively at the North Park location, Tuesday – Thursday. On Wednesdays he will have some much sought after evening hours until 8pm. So if you have been missing that availability, please call to request an appointment (or reoccurring appointment) soon, as those spots will fill up quickly.







We would also like to introduce our newest chiropractor, Dr AJ Farshler, who went to school with Dr Ryan, and will bring another awesome adjustor and experienced professional to our team.








Over the last several months we have been overwhelmed by the constant flow of patients expressing that they miss the location, space and “homey” feeling of the North Park office and can’t wait for it to be open again.

That wait is just about over. We will look forward to seeing you there soon!