Beginning this summer Chiropractique will begin selling all of the most important products that our patients ask about and our providers recommend! Tools to help you heal faster, feel better, and stay on top of your wellbeing. We will be introducing only top of the line products that our providers stand behind and utilize personally in their daily lives.

Pharmaceutical Grade Holistic Supplements


No matter what type of therapy you’re engaged in, it takes healthy tissue to support healing. An inflamed muscle isn’t going to let you move it well, an inflamed stomach isn’t go to let you digest well, and an inflamed brain isn’t going to let you think well. We have procured a collection of some amazing supplements to assist in the healing process. From pain relief and tissue healing, to blood flow and brain health, to detoxification and cleansing, we are providing you with the opportunity to experience the products that our therapists use in their daily lives to actively seek health and healing, on a whole-body level.

Postural and Alignment Correction Tools


Your grandma didn’t tell you to sit up straight for no reason. She knew the facts: proper posture is good for your spine and your joints, it keeps your core strong, and it makes you look better. Who doesn’t want that? But posture is a habit. And, where as bad habits are going to reinforce your problems, good habits are going to solidify your long-term wellbeing. We will be carrying some fantastic tools to help you

Fully customized, bomb-proof orthotics that will last you for 5+ years to help with feet, knees, hips and low back.

Pillows and postural tools to help to reduce headaches and stiff neck, and restore normal cervical curve.

Self Care Tools 


NIK_4400                NIK_4396

We are always recommending simple products to use at home for self care and wellbeing. Now, instead of referring you to Amazon or Target or some other place that you will totally procrastinate on buying stuff from, you can pick up the tools you need at our office. Tennis balls, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, even that massager our chiropractors use that everyone raves about. You’re welcome.

Be on the lookout! Display cases will be appearing in our relaxation rooms in the near future. Please consult your provider for any questions and/or recommendations.