what makes a chiropractor so amazing?



a lot more goes into a chiropractic education than most people realize.

a doctor of chiropractic has completed a 4 year post-graduate program, a 1 year clinical residency, and passed 4 rounds of accredited national board examination.

a chiropractic education includes anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, radiology, chiropractic adjustment, and physical rehabilitation.



a good chiropractor has the clinical knowledge of an orthopedic specialist, combined with the hands of a massage therapist.

you can expect a chiropractor to take a patient history, formulate a list of possible causes, do a very thorough physical examination, order any imaging necessary (x-ray or mri), give you a diagnosis, and propose a care plan.

when it comes to care, the chiropractic adjustment is life changing. chiropractic adjustments help to reduce pain, restore mobility, and retrain your body to move optimally.

combine that with rehabilitation techniques such as muscle release therapy and athletic stretching, and you have yourself an amazing practitioner.

patients also often report better sleep, better mood, better immune function, and many other additional affects of having regular adjustments.



chiropractic care is about creating the best version of you possible. If it were just about pain, you would just take a pill. chiropractors are not here to simply mask the symptoms; we are here to identify the cause of your symptoms, and fix those through natural, rehabilitative methods, so that your body corrects itself, and becomes stronger in the process.