Brain Health Starts at Day 1. 


Turn off that TV and get the kids outside (or in if its too hot!). Either way get their creative juices flowing and their brains working.  50 fun and inexpensive ideas to get you and your kids out of the house this summer!  The link for how-to and further instructions for activities in the list is below.

1.  Using and old sheet, make art out on the lawn.

2. Make homemade bird feeders

3. Host a neighborhood read-a-thon

4. Make ice cream in a bag!

5. Play a fun game of Drip Drip Splash! (Think Duck Duck Goose with water!)

6. Make some fun bike obstacle courses or games.

7. Play these fun sidewalk chalk games.

8. Make your own Hula Hoops.

9. Play Shoe-Pile Scramble.

10. Play Sponge Bullseye.

11. Do some backyard nature painting.

12. Have a Clothesline Art Show– have the kids make the art, pass our invitations, and make it happen!

13. Make your own PVC Pipe Sprinkler.

14. Play the Firefly Flashlight Game (so fun once it gets dark!)

15. Make your own liquid sidewalk chalk.

16. Paint the sidewalks with water.

17. Play a game of Bossy Ball.

18. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

19. Make your own Thrifty Sandbox (with a lid!)

20. Go on a bug hunt.

21. Have a neighborhood parade. Dress up like princesses or firemen, decorate your bikes and wagons, even throw candy if you want! Invite all the neighbors to come and watch.

22. Have an alphabet treasure hunt.-Have a Penny Spoon Race.

23. Buy some spray bottles at the dollar store and fill with water for a water fight or add some washable paint to the bottles and spray large poster boards to make awesome art!

24. Make your own Marble Launch with a fun noodle from the dollar store.

25. Wrap a piece of masking tape around each child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out. Go on a “Nature Walk” and collect items from nature (leaves, grass, small rocks, flowers, etc) and stick them on your masking tape “bracelet”. Come home and compare bracelets!


26. Take chalk to a new level by drawing Chalk Dress-Up Dolls!

27. Start a garden and let the kids do a planting, watering, and weeding.

28. Make a tin foil river with ice boats.

29. Play Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe.

30. Make a Lemonade Stand.

31. Make a water balloon pinata.

32. Make these Toy Parachutes and take them to the park. Drop them from the highest points on the slides and swings.

33. Play the Angry Birds Water Balloon Game.

34. Play outdoor Scrabble.

35. Have a Backyard Car Wash (my kids love to wash their bikes and scooters).

36. Make Mix and Match Painted Rock Faces.

37. Find a local Farmer’s Market. Come home and prepare a meal with the food purchased from the market.

38. Draw a racetrack on your driveway and race all the cars you can find!

39. Create your own outdoor movie theater (don’t forget the concessions stand!).

40. Set up your own outdoor Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling.

41. Make some Pet Rocks.

42. Make your own homemade sprinkler.

43. Make root beer floats.

44. Make your own simple wind chimes.

45. Make your own jump rope.

46. Go park hopping (make a goal to play at a new park each week).

47. Do some texture rubbings on leaves, grass, and other items you find outside.

48. Play “parachute” with a large sheet (like they do in elementary school!).

49. Have a banana split party- provide the bananas and ice cream and asks guests to bring their favorite topping to share with everyone else.

50. Make your own “stomp rocket”.

Have a Happy Summer!!



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