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Posture Check

desk-jokey-posture-checkWhether you are sitting at your desk or walking the runway, your posture is essential the the success of your mechanics and the overall health of your body.  As a chiropractor in San Diego, I get asked often; “Dr. Beau, do I have good posture?”  Sadly, I find a way to let them down gently…

As a result of all of the time we spend looking down at our smart devices, staring at our laptops and propping our heads up on pillows that are too high for us, we have forced ourselves into a perpetual state of slouch. This awful position can cause anything from neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain, elevated blood pressure, digestive issues and respiratory issues just to name a few. Even our mood and self-esteem are linked to our posture.

img_2039The key to keeping good posture is to keep your chest lifted and your shoulders relaxed. I tell patients to imagine as if they have a golden medallion on their chest that they have to continuously lift to the sky. It’s a great way for them to visualize how to accomplish this.

Regular chiropractic care helps create spinal flexibility that allows people to accomplish better posture. If your spine and ribcage are not moving readily, it is virtually impossible to stand up straight. Correcting subluxations of spinal joints, the joint dysfunction that chiropractors correct with their work, not only allows for better communication of the nervous system, but the side effect is improved muscle tone and spinal health. With that, good posture is so much easier.

park-time-posture-checkIf you haven’t been to the chiropractor recently, or have been curious about experiencing it for the first time, do a quick check of your posture in the mirror. If you see yourself slouching, have a hump at the base of your neck or see that your shoulders are rounded forward, it’s a good sign that you’ll likely benefit from regular chiropractic care. If that’s the case, I would be happy to help you as I have helped thousands of patients improve their posture and spinal health.

img_1215Dr. Beau Casey, Chiropractor & Health Expert

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