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How To Fight the Common Cold with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cold and flu season usually occurs during the winter months. But the common cold doesn’t follow a schedule. The common cold can happen at any time of the year. It affects nearly three million people in the United States every year. Symptoms can include a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, coughing, sinus pressure, watery eyes, fatigue […]

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Change Is In The Air: New Adventures For Dr. Beau

If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. There are some changes happening at Chiropratique over the next several months, the first of which involves Dr. Beau. One of your favorite providers is branching out! Beginning in October, in addition to his practice at Chiropractique, Dr. Beau will be working with the integrative medicine team over […]

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Pillow Talk!

Hello amazing people;) Chiropractique is excited to share a little pillow talk with you. That’s right, we now offer custom-fitted pillows via Pillowise! Pillowise uses a unique algorithm to calculate your perfect pillow based on the measurements of your body, your preferred sleeping position, and the firmness of your mattress. Each pillow is made of […]

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