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initial exam and first adjustment [45 min*] $75
adjustment visit [30 min*] $45


initial consultation and treatment [75 min*] $95
acupuncture treatment [75 min*] $80


We now offer 2 types of Massage Therapy:

Bliss Massage: a head to toe soothing Swedish massage, to feel pampered and distress.

Restorative Massage: a deep tissue massage focused on problem areas,
to relieve pain and restore function.

Our signature BLISS massage [75 min*] $75
this soothing, full-body, Swedish-style massage
includes reflexology, aromatherapy is
truly BLISSful!

Our signature RESTORATIVE massage [75 min*] $90
this deep tissue massage focuses on problem areas,  to relieve pain and restore function.

each visit includes 15-minutes of robotic chair or hydro-table massage, herbal tea, aromatherapy and relaxation in our very own urban retreat chill-out lounge. the 15 minutes is included in the above listed times

About Us