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Bliss. Heal. Relax. Thrive. These words have meaning. They are the credo by which we practice, the mantra we live by and the result we strive for at CHIROPRACTIQUE Urban Retreat. CHIROPRACTIQUE is more than just a Chiropractic Office. Our Urban Retreat provides clients the Ultimate Healthcare Experience with “results-driven”, evidence-based treatment that skillfully blends high-level Chiropractic Care with Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Energy Work. CHIROPRACTIQUE’s skilled team of Doctors and Practitioners are all State and Nationally Credentialed, Award Winning, dedicated, determined, hard working professionals. Not only are they committed to excellence in service; they are all around incredible people who are experts in their craft. The #TiQUE's two convenient San Diego locations, in North Park and Mission Hills, are centrally located for easy access, beautifully designed for comfort and tranquility and open seven days a week for your convenience. CHIROPRACTIQUE - your BLISS awaits.

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Allergies Among Us ;(

Stinging Nettle for allergies? WHAT?! Yep, Stinging Nettle. Now, I’m not saying go pick a bunch of nettle and rub it all over yourself- please don’t do that; You can easily find nettle tea and...
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Rejuvenate Your Liver this Spring!

The Liver is the Organ Associated with Spring. Spring is all about outward expansion and movement.  The liver is responsible for the free-flow of Qi or “energy” in the body.  Spring and the liver...
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Spring has Sprung!

Just as nature is engaging in the upward, expansive motion of growth and change, Spring is the season for us to do the same. We are a part of the natural world and cycles and...
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…the office is well maintained and the massage table looked clean and comfortable. The staff was very friendly and receptive to client needs. I love how close this place is to my house because I will probably be back on a fairly regular basis!

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